Video transcription

Hi, this is Dr. Bob Pane, from Miami, Florida, at South Kendall Animal Clinic. In this clip, we will learn about kidney stones in dogs, and how to diagnose them, and how to tell if your dog has them. The bladder in dogs is more frequently affected with stones than the kidneys are. The bladder, the kidneys are located up in the back upper quadrant of the, actually the anterior part of your abdomen in the dog. It's usually right here. And stones usually form in the bladder, not the kidneys. It's very, very rare we find kidney stones. It's usually caused by bacterial infections, and we usually see large stones that are accumulative in the bladder lumen and we have to either go out, go in there and get them out physically with a surgery, or go in with a scope and get them out which is very difficult. And so, kidney stones is a misnomer. It's usually bladder stones that we see in dogs. So, we've seen the inside pictures of where the bladder stones in the kidneys are. We're going to show you on baby here where the kidneys are normally located, if you can look real quickly. The kidneys are usually in the upper area of the abdomen. Right in this area here and this area right here. The bladder is located more ventrally, or lower; right in this area. And sometimes you can actually feel the stones by feeling the bladder like this, as a veterinarian. The urethra, as always, comes out here, but the kidney stones would, if there are kidney stones, which again, are very, very rare, would be in this area. Then, the ureters go down into the bladder down here, and the bladder is right in the mid-line, right in front of the pelvis. Right in this area right here. But, it's very, very, very infrequent of that client could actually find this on their own but their veterinarian will palpate the kidneys and palpate the bladder, and look at the urethra and the vulva and see if there's any indications that they can actually feel the presence of stones, or calculi in your dog. This is Dr. Pane. Thank you very much for watching.