Video transcription

Now we're going to talk about putting a new line on to your fishing reel. When the line comes we've already started this but when the line comes it comes coiled on a spool like this and you'll notice on the spool the way it's unwinding from the bottom of the spool and the loop is forming to the bottom. You don't want to coil this up and have it twist. You want to keep that in this direction and you wind it on to the reel in the same direction. That prevents twisting and turning of the line so again when it comes off the spool you'll notice how it lays down nice and smooth. If this was all twisted it would be coiled and if you put a coiled line on to your reel it is going to cast very difficulty and it is going to retain some memory which is unfavorable to your fishing. When you receive your new line to put on your reel, there is an end that goes to your backing on the reel which is a very thin line that is used to extend the length of the fly line itself if you get into a fish that's going to run the line out that far. Pay close attention to attaching that end to your backing. Many of the backings are running line options that are on the reels now, have a large hand loop on them where you can pass this whole spool through it and then drop it off and coil it on or you can take when you go to fasten this line on, again you have to be sure that you fasten the tag end that says to the reel because the line will not cast if you take the opposite end of the fly line on this spool. The fly line on the spool, the end that goes to the fly normally is buried underneath like so. It's not going to be out on top where it is going to be easily accessible to be put on your reel so you can see as I'm putting it on this of course is done a little bit slower than normal it's going to go lay on that rod, on the reel perfectly, and there's no loops. So when this line comes off this reel it comes off straight. That's how you want it to come off and when it goes back on there is no twists, it goes on nice and smooth. That's the way you put a line on to a fly reel. Now that you have successfully attached the fly line to the reel now it's time to string the rod. We have changed back over to the rod that I've been using, pinch over the fly line, you don't need to pinch it tight. Just pinch it to get a loop. The loop will come undone. It will be soft. The reasoning for that is as you go through each guide and if you were to let it drop for a second you'll notice how the loop in this fly line catches so it doesn't drop all the way back to the reel, we have to start all over again. So now I'm going to continue all the way through, through the snake guides, the longer rod. I'm going to just move the rod a little bit back further. Notice I try to slip my fingers in a V, have the line underneath kind of lines up, goes right in. Then you draw through your leader, a little bit more fly line. That's how you'd string up a fly line on to the rod and you are ready to attach a fly to the pre-applied leader and fish.