Video transcription

Today we're going to talk about how to rig the fly line. Prepare your floating line or your sinking line to accept the fly. Most of the fly -line today already come with a pre-tied piece of nylon with perfection loop on the end and again most of the leaders that are supplied today are knot less tapered. The tapered for turnover are the fly and they also come with a perfection loop on the end. So, carefully you unwind. This happens to be a twelve foot five X leader and the leader is the tapered part of the line which on this twelve footer is approximately probably ten feet of it and then you have two feet of tippet which is a straight more of a straight part. Fasting the two how I like to do it is hold the line section. This is the leader over the perfection loop and then take the leader and pull it through the fly line connector perfection loop. Now, we're ready to fish. The leader attached to your fly line. It makes a nice tight knot so you're in contact with the fly. The objective to the loop connectors is you know leaders running you know a few dollars a piece so that way there you're able to reverse the method. Remove the leader from your fly line connector. Run back to the tippet section where the fly was. Quail it back up. Three loops of the through so now you're back to putting it right back into the packet that it came in and it's ready to be used again. So, that way there you don't have to throw away or discard a three or four dollar leader. It's also nice to carry a little pack in your vest or your waiters so when you doing a clipping of the nylon or the floral carbon you put those in your pack and throw them away when you get home instead of littering the river.