Video transcription

Hi there my name is Lisa. I'm here from World of Gymnastics in Woodstock, Georgia. We coach gymnastics here at our campus and then there's swimming across the street so we have a family feel in our campus. We're going to go ahead and teach you how we train our girls to do a front tuck on our trampoline and then progress it down to the floor. So we're going to start off with our basics. The first thing we teach our kids is how to do an appropriate forward roll. This teaches them the body positions that they're going to utilize in their front tuck. So Brittany is going to step up a little bit and she's going to show you how we do our forward roll. She is going to stretch up big and tall with her feet together. Her hands go on the ground. Her head is going to tuck really really tight. So go ahead and do your forward roll Brittany. Hands down, head down, and roll and she's going to stretch with her arms above her head and she's going to do one more for you, hands down, head down and she's going to roll and do a big stretch at the end. Next progressional for us is we teach our kids how to do a handstand forward roll. So Emma is going to step up and I'm going to spot. She's going to do her handstand first. So we did teach you how to do those handstands. So she's going to do her handstands nice and tight. She's going to roll into what we call a candle position and then she's going to go ahead and roll all the way up to her feet. So as you saw I am holding her feet and making sure she's nice and tight throughout that entire procedure. Go ahead Emma. Now she's going to try it on her own. She's going to hold her handstand, push her shoulders nice and tall and do a nice big roll out of it. What we've incorporated into this is a nice big punch that the kids are going to need when they go ahead and do their front tucks. So go ahead Katie, let's see that punch before your dive roll. Go ahead, she's going to run, punch and reach for the floor. So now we're going to work on our front tucks on the trampoline. I'm going to have Katie do the exact same simulation on the floor as she does over here. I'm going to have her jump three times with her arms up, making sure her arms are by her ears and then she's going to do the same throw as she does over on the floor and I'm going to help her. As I'm spotting on the trampoline I'm making sure my arms are on her at all times, even when she lands. Ready on the count of three, here we go, one, two, three and she lands and that's how we start progressing into our front tuck. I want to also make sure that I'm catching her on the way down, that way she doesn't go flying forward because a front tuck is a blind landing. That means the kids aren't going to be able to see the ground until their feet is on it. Now that we've taught how to do a front tuck on our trampoline we're going to go ahead and move them over to the floor. So the same punch that we did in those dive rolls and the same rotation we taught over on the trampoline we're going to go ahead and teach it on the floor. So I'm going to have Summer run. She's going to punch really hard, give me that same nice throw and she's going to do her front tuck to her feet.