Video transcription

Hi I'm Jason with Greenhouse Pest Management, Atlanta's only true natural pest control company. Today we are going to talk about bees in the attic. A lot of people do get honey bees in their attic as well as bumble bees. What you are going to look for is right down here in your eave line where you are going to have your gutter on the outside of your house that is where your bees are going to get in. In something that is called a construction gap. That is where you roof deck, in which is this right here, doesn't meet your soffit on the outside, and you are going to have a gap there, and you are going to get bees in that way. The best thing to do is walk around the outside of your house see if you can't actually see the bees coming in and out of your structure. Once you do that you sort of have an idea where the bees are inside your attic. Go up in your attic, get you a good flashlight, crawl around across your eaves, and see if you can't find that bee nest inside here. Once you find it the best thing to do is get some bee and wasp killer or even some sort of dust, and you go in and you spray that wasp nest. Now what you want to do is be real careful, because when those bees swarm after you spray it they are going to come actually at you in your attic. Because there is not as much of them that is going to go outside so you do want to spray it, leave your attic for a couple of days, and then you can come back, and actually see if you need to re-treat or if you can naturally remove the nest from there.