Video transcription

A good home remedy for a sarcoptic mange is a liniment, an herbal liniment or an herbal anti-parasitic, anti-fungal salve. And the way you go about making a liniment is you basically mix together the herbs, and this case I would use myrrh and goldenseal and cyan with rubbing alcohol, and you just mix them together, and you can strain that out and put it in a spray bottle and spray that regularly on the animal. In the case of the salve, black walnut hull is good for also getting rid of parasites and fungus, and chaparral is also an anti-fungal. You would use those along with goldenseal and some tea tree oil to make a salve to treat sarcoptic mange. And the thing about sarcoptic mange is it's one of the most common forms of it and it's also referred to as scabies. It is contagious and that cats can get it and it can be passed to humans as well.