Video transcription

Hi I'm Eric with World of Wet Pets Tropical Fish in Portland, Oregon, and I'm here to demonstrate how to set up an aquarium filter. We've chosen one of the more popular styles of aquarium filters. A power filter. It hangs over the side of the aquarium. This one is Hagens Aquaclear 70. Okay. When you first take them out of the box one of the best things to do, you can is to remove the motor and make certain that the impeller is there and that all the blades are there. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with this because as you clean it it's a good idea to take the motor off periodically to clean it every six months or so. Okay. The motor typically will pop right back on. They're usually a twist on and they usually have a little O-ring seal. We'll also at this time put on the U-tube. Sometimes they come already installed. Sometimes you have to install them. And them we'll add on the strainer. The strainer goes on the inside on the end of the U-tube. Okay? When putting the filter on the aquarium on the very bottom is often times a little adjustment knob for holding the filter the appropriate distance from the aquarium. You want the filter to be as level as possible. So in this case we'll set it there for varying room sizes. Now at this point we're ready to put in our filter media. This filter uses a basket system. In the basket we put our foam filter. This is our mechanical filter that collects most of our debris. We'll have a layer for carbon. That's our chemical filters that will remove odors, colors and other chemicals. And then finally we have our ceramic media which is our biological filter. That's going to be the home to our beneficial bacteria that'll break down waste. There's plenty of room in this filter for other bags of media whether it's a phosphate absorbing resin or whatever you want to use. At that point it slides right down into the filter. Push it in nice and snug. Power filters are not normally self priming unless the motor is on the inside so we will need to fill this filter with water before we plug it in. It may make some really nasty growly gurgly sounds at first but that's just to get the air out of the intake. Once the air is out they run very, very quiet. They're very efficient filters.