Video transcription

Hi this is Kevin Battersby at the Toski-Battersby Golf Learning Center in Cocoa Creek, Florida PGA classic professional. In this clip we are going to learn how to hit a golf ball far. Again any golf shot will start with the grip for your power and your flexibility. In your left hand the golf club is under the heel pad creating an angle here of a forty-five degree angle so that when the wrist flex and hinge it creates a ninety degree angle, which gives you your power and speed. This is essential for flexibility and control, and create the proper centrifugal effect on the golf club. The next phase of that would be to create speed through motion. As you notice here I have got my feet together, I am actually going to swing the club and try to create lots of arm speed. My arms and hands move around my body in such a greater distance that as I put my feet together I can increase the speed by keeping my body actually quiet, and increasing the speed of my hand and arms. No different that you see a baseball player with bat speed, a boxer with hand speed, a tennis player with racquet speed, in golf it is club head speed to hit the ball far. Not to mention the fact that as you put your feet together it seems to give you more sensory awareness for your hands and arms. It is really a control feature of your golf shot trying to make solid contact. Far too much has been really put on just speed, and in golf the solid contact is an essential point for creating speed and power in your golf shot. Therefore when I do put my feet together and hit a golf shot it helps me keep in control, and you will hear the sound of a golf club moving faster through my hands and arms with really very little body rotation of my body. As you create that speed and that contact you can move your feet apart a bit, and create a little more power. Remember the hands and arms are creating your fastest speed link, and the most power in your golf shot coupled with the contact on the center of the face. One more time. Just to create lots of speed in my hands and arms, and again you will see very little motion of my body as I rotate. That is my golf tip on how to hit a golf ball far. Thank you.