Video transcription

Hi my name is Nancy Hoffmann-Allison, I'm with Allison's Events in Austin, Texas, and I am going to show you how to decorate a gazebo. We are going to do several different things with this gazebo, and depending on your taste and your budge you can use as much or as little in the way of decorating as you would like to do. The first thing I plan on doing is hanging some greenery with flowers. Now personally I prefer real flowers and real greenery, but for the sake of demonstration today I am going to use silks. So right now I am going to go ahead and hang these garlands, and then we will move on to some flower balls. Alright, I am simply going to weave some greenery in and out. Now if you are concerned about the wind you are going to want to secure this with wire or tacks. And we are going to add some more for a little more fluff. Now once you have got your flowers up here, and your vines and greenery you want to step down and take a look, and make sure you it looks as good as you think it does. Okay, now to carry this another step further we are going to wrap these two posts. I'm actually going to tack that to hold that in place. And so the next thing that we want to do is we are going to add some hanging flower balls. Alright, I am using little tacks that are clear, and I am going to put one on each side. And again I'm going to come out and take a look, because I might want to move these. I might not be happy with this look. Oh, yeah. And then I'm simply going to take this fabric, and start weaving it in and out to add color to the rail. I'm going to tack it right here then you have the option of coming back and adding bows. And these are just a few of the multitude of ideas that you could use to decorate a gazebo.