Video transcription

To apply Frontline or Frontline Plus to a cat is pretty straightforward. The hardest thing I found is actually getting the applicator out of the packaging. It comes in this split tubes that you you have to split up usually it's three or six to pack and then getting this out of the pack is a challenge. Try to cut it but not the tip inside and bear with me, we're getting now. Aha, success! So, hold on Tim, I know that you like this. Frontline Plus is actually a great product because it gets both fleas and ticks. Tim has had his share of ticks this season so it's time to put on the Frontline. I usually use this every three or four weeks and what you need to do once you open the applicator, I'm going to hold off on that, is that you really want to go down on this hair on off the hair and down on the skin. So, you need to part the hair a little bit and get it down so the medication, the fluid is actually on the skin before you do it. So, I cracked open the little container and then get Tim here. He doesn't like this too much but we'll get down on the skin and then apply. You can put the whole, the whole amount in one location because of the size. Once you've done, once you've done that, one of the things that you need to do is be aware of the fact that it's a little bit wet and it'll stay wet for a couple of hours and you shouldn't touch the area for at least twelve or twenty-four hours until it's completely dry. Another thing you shouldn't do is to bathe the cat before at least the day before or a day after you've apply the Frontline because it takes about twenty-four hours to go through the oils in their skin and if you bathe them ahead of time sometimes removing the oils is not a good idea. So, it's very straightforward, getting the package out of the applicator out of the package is the hardest part and just putting it on the hair I mean down on the skin and then on the hair.