Video transcription

How to make sugar cookies for kids and you might want to use your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Mine is the flour, the baking powder; you have to edge your shortening and then your sugar and your leveling agents which are the baking soda. Then you have to edge your sour milk which is to make the dry ingredients moist. If you have a favorite one, you can go ahead and use yours. So, we're going to cut out sugar cookies. So I sprinkled a little bit of flour on the counter so the cookie recipe dough does not stick and this is the dough that I had previously refrigerated so it, little bit hard. And we're going to kind of coat it with the flour a little bit. And now I'm going to roll it and you don't want to roll it too thin because then you're going to have crunchy cookies. So we'll cut to have a couple of shapes here. I have flower shape and you can go ahead and put that on your, your cookie sheet. I have a star shape and we will put that on the cookie sheet. See how thick they are, not too thick, not too thin; just right. And here's a fish; we're going to cut out a fish and we're going to put it on an ungrease sugar or an ungrease cookie pan and we're going to put it on the oven at 375 for ten minutes. For kids you probably going to want to decorate these cookies out we just made; let me show you some of the decorations that I use. For decoration, this is what I have and I use. I had sprinkles; we have a little flower sprinkles; have little jimmies, all different colors, you can put these on your cookies. And also, we can use icing. We can; I have some green icing and I have some white icing, so we can, we can icing. We could be creative and do that.