Video transcription

Hi this is Ashlee from Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah. I am here to talk to you about how to create CO2 for your live planted aquarium. CO2 is very important to your plants, if you have live plants in your aquarium. Because they actually help the photosynthesis period. One good way to benefit and put CO2 into your planted aquarium tank is by going to your local pet store, and you can usually find CO2 tablets which help give them extra CO2. If you can seem to find another way to give it to them. Also, they do have a CO2 system that you can purchase, and it has easy instructions on how to follow it and put it together. And it will help benefit your plants in the long run. CO2 actually works like a supplement that you would take for your body. The plants take the CO2 in and it helps them grow, and become stronger.