Video transcription

Hi this is Ashlee from Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah. I am here to let you know how to repair a scratch on your tank. First of all you want to make sure that you can avoid scratches at all times if you don't have any. Keep sharp objects away from your tank, also do not scrub with an SOS pad. That's very important. Make sure that it is a safe glass scrubbing pad that you can use. Also make sure that you are careful when you do decided to transport your tank, make sure that it does have maybe blankets, you want to wrap blankets around it just to avoid scratches or any dents or nicks. If you do happen to scratch your tank or you do have a tank that has scratches on it, what you can do is you can go to maybe a local hardware shop and buy a glass repair kit. Also you can probably go online and see if there is anything available that will help you repair your scratches.