Video transcription

Hi, my name is John Niemira and I want to talk to you today about, give you a basic guide to taking meeting minutes. Taking minutes in a meeting is essential for, for most board meetings for most big company meetings and the guide to it is to be accurate; to take all essential minutes of the meeting; to document all minutes of the meeting written and audit. Probably one of the easier ways is to use a recorder. It's, it doesn't necessarily have to be video recorded but the audio should be recorded for playbacks, for use later and also for transcribing it into our written format. You want to be sure that all topics are listed; all attendees of the meeting are listed; the topics and who talked about the topics and what the topic was. It does not have to be a verbatim transcript as in a court room. It's just needs to be the jest of the meeting; what was talked about and who talked about it; when it was done, with times and dates; when the follow-up meetings will happen and what other kind of information was discussed and will be discussed in the next meetings. When it's done with a recorder, it's probably the best way 'cause then you can refer back to it and it makes it easier for transcribing. For anymore information on this topic or any other business topic, you can contact me directly at my email