Video transcription

My name is Tim Cole I'm the owner of Austin Reptile Service and we are here to talk about how to identify snake eggs. For one thing snake eggs are leathery and somewhat soft. They are not brittle like a bird's egg. Most snake eggs will adhere to each other when they are laid so they will be in a clump. Out in the wild snakes will usually lay their eggs in a soft substrate such as maybe some soft soil or leaves, saw dust pile, somewhere that has high humidity but not too wet. And generally a fairly constant temperature, most snake eggs will incubate in the low eighties. We have some snakes that give live births so they don't lay eggs at all. But our rat snakes, coral snakes, king snakes all lay eggs. We can even identify eggs from a racer snake because they have a little raised bumps on them almost like sandpaper if you rub your finger or thumb across it, it feels very rough. And whenever I find eggs that have that texture to them I know that they belong to a racer. So this is how we identify snake eggs.