Video transcription

My name is Tim Cole I'm with the Austin Reptile Service and we are here to talk about how to identify a baby snake. Quite often we'll get snake calls to identify a snake and people will describe one that they think is a baby when actually it could be an adult. Some snakes only get ten to twelve inches long. A blind snake adult is about eight inches long. And yet a baby rattle snake could be twelve inches long when it's born. So it helps to know what species of snake it is to be able to identify whether it's a baby or not. Some baby snakes do look different then the adults. For instance, a lot of your racers have a spotted pattern or a banded pattern as they get older, that pattern fades out and they become a solid color. A blotched water snake is a very pretty well patterned snake as a baby and as they become older the pattern kind of fades out and is almost not discernible. But a lot of snake babies look exactly like the adults. Like rattle snakes, coral snakes, bull snakes, garter snakes they all look just like their adult counterparts. So this is how we can identify baby snakes.