Video transcription

Hi, I'm Kenny Scholers, house pro at Ten Pin Alley in Wilmington, North Carolina, we're here at All Events Pro Shop at Ten Pin and we're going to talk about how to resurface a bowling ball. Resurfacing a bowling ball is very, very important to do especially with the higher end reactive resin balls because they're very, very porous and they tend to get chips on them, on the track when you roll the bowling ball you'll actually have a line that develops around the bowling ball and it's called the track and you want to keep that smooth so over a period of time as that develops you want to periodically bring the ball into your pro shop and have it resurfaced. That's especially important if you bowl on wooden lanes because wooden lanes are a whole lot more abrasive and they're almost like sandpaper, over a period of time they'll really, really chip the bowling ball up. And going down the lane, throwing it in the gutter, going through the ball return and coming back, you develop a lot of scratches, a lot of scars on the bowling ball and that will tend to make the ball roll unevenly, that'll also make the ball roll a whole lot sooner. So you want to make the ball to keep the surface as smooth as possible and the way we do that is we resurface the bowling ball. You bring it to the pro shop, you really can't do this at home, you've got to bring it to the pro shop and he'll put it on the resurfacing machine and he'll put it on there with various different degrees of grit of sandpaper and he'll smooth the scratches out and that's how you resurface a bowling ball.