Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dave Trull with The Trull Gallery, A Custom Furniture Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida and we'll talk to you today about how to setup a band saw. This is a standard 14-inch band saw; I have a razor kit in so it may look a little different from yours. One of the this I've done is I've replaced my blade guide blocks with guide bearings. But the setup of the two are pretty much the same. So the first thing we want to do is set our guide system to our blade. So every time you change your blade you may have to make an adjustment. You will certainly have to make an adjustment if you change blade to different widths. What you want to do first is ensure that your band saw is unplug 'cause we're going to do a lot of this moving of the blade by hand and you want to make sure you're not actually touching the blade; but a good rule of thumb is you should be able to slide a dollar bill between your guide and your blade. So the, my guide on the right isn't a good place; I'm sorry, the guide on my left isn't a good place; the guide on my right is a little tight. So we're going to make a slight adjustment to that and I will tell you that the old guide blocks are a little bit easier; it's just a matter of sliding them in and out and then tightening them down usually with an Allen wrench or thumb key. So now we've got that in place on both sides; now we want to work on the thrust bearing which is the bearing in the back here. What that does it prevents the blade from going too far back when it's doing a cut. And again, with the same principle as we turn the blade, we don't want that thrust bearing moving and you can see that it's kind of moving here; so we want to go ahead and pull that back just a hair. And again if we could slide that dollar bill back there, we're looking pretty good. So we've got our top bearing set; band saws have bearings on top and bottom. So there's another set underneath your table and you need to set those to exact the same way. The next thing you want to look at is your guide. So we can go ahead and close up our doors and we want to set our guide to the stock we're using. Here we've got a piece of 7/8 stock and I want to adjust my guide so the stock is maybe a quarter inch under the guide. That way there's not much of the blade exposed and you're going to get a lot of support 'cause the bearing are right close to your work. People think band saws are very safe tools and they are when you use properly. So that's pretty much how to set up a band saw blade in a nutshell. I'm Dave Trull with The Trull Gallery; The Fine Art of Furniture Making.