Video transcription

Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm here to show you how you remove rust from cast iron cookware. One of the best things to remove rust from anything is an onion. There is something in an onion that creates a chemical reaction with rust and it will make it flake and just fall right off and you can actually use the onion as your scrubbing surface if you just cut you know, slice a part of it off so that you have a bare part of the onion visible and use this bare part to scrub the rust part. So we have a cast iron skillet here, a small one. As you can see it has still got some rust in the middle of it. This will happen and if it happens to any of your cookware use this technique. I promise it will work. You just want to get the onion and rub it on there just like that. It shouldn't make your eyes too watery since you're not slicing the onion and as you can see the spot in the middle is pretty much all the way gone. Just continue to do this and if you need to grab a sponge, let me show you, and you can if you get the flakes of rust you can just wipe them away like this and they'll wipe right off. This works for bicycles, any kind of metals things in the garage. It is an excellent way to remove rust so there is no need in going out and buying something expensive and you can keep your grandma's cast iron cookware too. I am Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove rust from cast iron cookware.