Video transcription

Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to clean mold from wood furniture. I'm going to use an inconspicuous place on this chair where there's obviously a little bit of mold growing. The number one thing you want to remember about mold is you want to kill mold first and foremost. So if the mold is dry, it will be flaky and ashy looking and you'll be able to grab a toothbrush and just scrub it off. It will flake off and fall off just like, it'll be really ashy. If the mold is still wet, it'll still be in circle patterns and it's going to take a little bit more to get it off. So have some bleach water handy. You want to have about a tablespoon of bleach in this entire bottle of water. Bleach is strong stuff and it's very harmful so don't put too much bleach, don't overdo it. Some people like to overdo it, but just a tablespoon of bleach will work. So spray your bleach water onto the mold. This will instantly kill the mold. Grab your toothbrush again. If you have a bigger job, use a scrub, like a big scrub brush. And repeat this process. If you have mold that's really deep down into the wood, of course you're going to pass through the layer of finish that may be on your furniture or paint, but you don't want mold because it's going to spread. It's easier to sand and refinish a small spot of your wood furniture then to go buy new wood furniture. So Hopefully just spraying the bleach water and scrubbing it will get rid of the mold and will really penetrate it. But if not, you are going to have to go grab the sandpaper and get a little bit of finish, a bottle of finish and refinish the part that you have to sand down. Make sure to let it completely dry before you put any finish on it or anything like that. The last thing you want is more mold. I'm using this sponge right here to wipe it off and this will take a while and you will have to repeat this process but it will get rid of the mold. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove mold from wood furniture.