Video transcription

Hi I'm Ken Fargason with National Fireplace and Grills out of Nashville, Tennessee and tonight we're going to talk about how to clean soot off the fireplace brick, tile or granite above your fireplace. Now a wood burning fireplace or a wood burning insert; you're going to have some spillage of smoke out of the fireplace or out of the insert when you open a door, or add new wood to the fireplace; you're going to get some spillage out of it. That smoke's going to roll up and discolor that brick, that creosote is going to collect on that material and you're going to want to clean that from time to time. In order to clean the soot off of the material above and around your fireplace you're going to need some type of soot remover, a little vinegar and water, a little denature alcohol and a nylon brush. You're going to wet that material down, take that nylon brush and scrub it vigorously and you might have to repeat that process two or three times in order to get the soot completely off of the brick. Some of the most difficult materials to clean is brick because it is so porous. This creosote is going to get down in all those pores and it is going to take a lot of scrubbing and probably two or three different applications of the cleaner and the scrubbing to remove this in a very porous material like brick. These are some of the things that you are going to need to clean the soot off the facing material on your fireplace.