Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sophie Uliano, author of "The Gorgeously Green" book series, and today I'm going to show you how to make the most amazing eye serum. Now, you may have noticed that when you go to a store, well particularly an expensive department store, there's all kinds of eye creams and eye serums and you can get these little tiny pots that will set you back more than a pair of designer jeans and we're told that we have to have them and we need them and all this. However, I want to show you today, how to make, I'm absolutely passionate about this eye serum because honestly it is more potent than anything you could ever buy in a store by virtue of the fact that we're using cold pressed really beautiful fresh plant oils and these plant oils are full of antioxidants that are really, really important for preserving your skin and they're also full of other properties by using carrot seed oil which is beautiful for regenerating cell tissues, particularly in very fine soft tissue around your eyes. So, with these four simple ingredients, these four simple oils that you can purchase from health food stores, you're going to be able to make a little bottle like so of eye serum that really would set you back an arm and a leg in virtually any high end store and this is how easy it is. So, we'll get started. Now, the first oil that I'm using is grapeseed sometimes known as rapeseed oil and this is a really lovely emollient oil and I'm going to just put in one teaspoon. Again what's really really easy with this recipe is it's 1, 1, 1. It's just one teaspoon of each. So that is the grapeseed or the rapeseed oil. Now the second oil that I'm putting in is wheat germ oil, easy to get from any health food store. It's a very very nourishing oil and it's full of vitamin E. So we'll just make sure that's gone through the little funnel there and so there in goes my vitamin E packed wheat germ oil and why we often eat wheat germ as well again is because of vitamin E which is amazing for skin. Then we are going to put in, now this is really the magical ingredient, this is pomegranate seed oil and you may have to go on line to find this. It's not available in every health food store but it's really worth the effort because this is one of the plant oils that has the highest range of antioxidants. So very, very powerful oil, very good for your serum. So again, I'm going to put in one teaspoon of pomegranate seed oil and all these oils are organic and all of them are cold pressed and it's very, very important so that they all maintain their integrity of their nutrient profile and finally I'm going to put in the wonderful carrot seed oil and I rarely use carrot seed oil in my skin care products. I actually only use it in this eye serum because as I said before it's very good for very delicate skin and around our eyes obviously. The skin tissue is a little bit more delicate and in it goes. Now one thing that you may be wondering is where on Earth does she get that bottle from and the funnel, well the funnels you can get from kitchen stores, they're easy. Now the bottle I am using here a little dropper bottle like so and the reason I love the dropper bottle for the eye serum is that it's really easy. I'm just going to swirl the oils around a bit. It's really easy for application because you can just drop four or five drops, rub them in the tips of your fingers and then you apply around the underneath and the sides of the eye. Oh it smells so good and so where you buy these from is I would look out for old bottles around your home and often old medicine bottles, eye dropper bottles are obviously the way to go or even ear dropper bottles. Just make sure when you're using an old bottle that you do sterilize it and simply to do that, you put it in your sink and you pour over, boiling water over the dropper and in the bottle itself, leave for a couple of minutes, rinse out and let it air dry. So that's it, a simple beautiful nourishing and potent eye serum, pomegranate eye serum. So, I'm Sophie Uliano and remember, you can always do it yourself and do it gorgeously.