8 Techniques every internet entrepreneur should master

The Internet has changed the way the world does business. It's official. Every real-life business worth looking at today has a Twitter to trend it, Youtube to stream it, a Facebook to tag it and a LinkedIn to professionally propel it. That said and done, people like Mark Zuckerberg and co. have highly influenced online entrepreneurship, seeing it continue to grow larger and larger every year. Aside from the Facebook empire, how did guys like Janus Friis (Skype) and Pierre Omidyar (eBay) build billion dollar fortunes? By knowing how to play the game.

Know your market

Having a business online is no different to having a business in real life. In order to achieve success, traffic needs to be drawn to your website either for the great products/services you're offering, or because of the stellar content that you are providing. Before you launch any business or website/blog/vlog, think carefully about who you are trying to target.

Get someone else to do the menial jobs

Just as much as any real-life business would have it, every online business has jobs of floor cleaning equivalent. Once your site has acheived a certain level of development, it's worth it to delegate more menial/time-consuming tasks to others, so that you are able to focus on innovating the business and steering the ship in the right direction.

Intelligent social media management

Strategical social media management plays an essential in the success of any online business. Site statistics can be changed entirely by the way in which content is shared. Facebook, for example, is a site which draws people to it at different times of the day. Think carefully about when you are posting what and how often. Just because something is posted at midday in time for lunch in the UK, doesn't mean anyone in LA saw it. Remember that Facebook, Twitter and all of their counterparts are unlimited sources of sharing.

Second edition your content

As time moves on, certain things change. It's a reality in any field. Any factual book worth reading is eventually edited and re-published with more, and/or updated information. For example, if you're hosting an information-based blog, do not be afraid to draw old articles out of the bag, edit them and republish them. It doesn't take long and can draw many new readers/followers to your site.

Ensure you have an eye-catching website

Whether you're selling products or sharing images of cute babies in buckets, it is essential that your blog/website be well-designed. If you are unable to put it together, it's worth paying out for a good web designer. Gone are the days of ploughing through 90s-esque grey pixellated digital designs. Websites need to be attractive to the eye and easy-to-use. Just as quickly as you attract site views, you can lose them. Even if your content is great, if the site is a mindfield to get around, you will lose customers straight away.

Take advantage of online storage and office sites

Whether you are promoting content or a fully-fledged business selling products, it is essential to take advantage of free cloud storage sites such as Dropbox and Google Documents, in order for you to be able to move around and still access all of your data. Other online office sites are also useful, when working with more people, in order for you to share data with ease.

Promote your business on LinkedIn

Even if you are using a variety of means of social media to push your business, it normally takes a while to build up a following on all sites combined. LinkedIn is one of the top players for entrepreneurship, therefore it is essential your site/blog/application is promoted in some way on the professional site.

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Seek advice from seasoned professionals

As with everything else in life, there are things that work and that donĀ“t work. Time, practice and doing things allow you to learn. Seek advice from other online business owners, in order to save you from potential time-wasting situations.

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