10 Tips to dress and look better as your body changes

Many moments in life, such as stress, moving to a new place, an active work-life or changes in your relationship status can cause or influence physical transformations, such as gaining or losing weight. That's because we're not only what we eat: we are what we think and the things that happen to us. Pregnancy, for example, is one of the most dramatic changes a woman's body can go through. Not only do we naturally gain weight, but our bone structure is also affected, and it takes some time for it to revert back to normal. The passage of time itself is enough of an influence on our bodies. Dressing well for your body-type requires being aware of these changes, so read on to find out how to dress better no matter what!

Sudden drop

Weight loss can be intentional or not. The truth is that the weightier you are, the easier it will be to lose several stone at once, leaving some parts of your body looking loose and weak. In that kind of case, you should wear elastic bands that will improve your posture and hold the excess tissue firmly. When sudden weight loss is experienced on a body of average weight, wearing loose clothes, with sinuous seams, while staying away from tight clothing is the key to not let the change show too much.

Losing a bit of weight

The change might not be as noticeable, but you know your favourite jean doesn't fit as tight as it used to. Shedding a bit of weight does not mean you'll need to replace your entire wardrobe, but you should stop wearing clothes that are now to loose for your figure. Leggings are a sure bet for this slight change in body-weight. They adapt to any shape and size and come in many different kinds of fabric. Upper garments are easier to adapt to look tighter: wearing a wide belt will slim your waist down and make you look more curvaceous.

Sudden gain

Gaining a lot of weight in a short time-frame is not only a danger to your health, but also to your wallet. Having to replace pieces of clothing due to this might be expensive and time-consuming, but it's the only way to deal with it until you recover your shape. We'd recommend buying clothes with a bit of flight that tighten around your waist to highlight your recently-acquired curves. Use medium-weight fabrics in dark tones that compliment your figure without bringing out localised fat deposits.

Putting on a bit of weight

As with shedding weight, putting on only a bit of it may be just as annoying. Try not to wear jeans that feel or look tight on your abdomen, since that will only draw attention to that section. And while you are at it, you should probably avoid using shirts with tight sleeves, or any kind of garment made with tight but not stretchy fabrics. Wear dark stretchy trousers, and waist-long coats with crossed lapels, and basic shirts. You'll feel more comfortable and trendy, while effortlessly hiding those extra kilos until you get back to your proper weight.

Pregnancy: broad hips

If you feel your hips grew while carrying, your old clothes might not fit you like they used to before childbirth. Don't worry or despair: everything will settle and you'll find the key to assembling a new wardrobe. Some women recover their previous shape quickly, while others take longer or never quite manage to achieve it, but the change shows on everybody just the same. You could keep wearing your maternity clothes for a while, the stretchy elastic will be much more flattering than your regular clothes. Letting some time go by, you'll be able to check if you've recovered your shape. If not, you should start thinking about getting new clothes. Pick garments that accentuate your slimmer features, like your legs or your waist and don't worry about your new curves.

Pregnancy: swollen breasts

If you've not experienced pregnancy yet, it's good to know in advance that your breasts will swell in size and may stay that way for several months. In addition to choosing a nice padded cotton breastfeeding bra, you'll probably have to go up in shirt-size. Button-down shirts are a great and practical choice to feed your kid without having to reveal your entire upper body. Loose-fitting shirts are all the rage now, so take advantage of current fashion standards to feel more comfortable with your looks.

From 20 onto 30

At 20, you can cram your face with your favourite dishes and not feel the least change in your looks, but at 30 your metabolism slows down considerably. And then, what used to be an almost religious daily caloric intake will start accumulating in your mid-section, bottom and wherever else you tend to gain weight. Your fashion choices will need to change: you should invest in quality clothing made with better, sturdier fabrics, and start favouring skirts and high heels. Prints and neutral colours will be two of your main allies during this new decade you are getting into.

From 30 onto 40

Once you get this far, you're either already a mother or you will probably never be. Gray is the perfect colour anyway: in the hustle and bustle of daily life, your choice in fashion ceases to be fundamental, but it's never completely negligible. Pick clothes that are easy and comfortable to wear, without too much detail, like loose polyester fabrics that do now wrinkle, for a sport-chic look, wearing trainers day in and day out. The key is to keep your feet on the ground and find an attire that is compatible with your daily routine.

Expanding waistlines

If you've always had a squarish shape, or grew into one through the years, going crazy for abs won't solve anything: a slim waistline is a hard thing to recover. But you can follow some tricks to achieve your desired visual effect. Garments with different colours of fabric that suggest a slimmer silhouette, or using wide belts to hold the fabric closer to your body are two very effective and stylish tricks. High-waisted and flared skirts, combined with blouses in complementary colours can also enhance your contour.


Have you stopped exercising regularly? There's always a light at the end of the tunnel: it's time to get you a new wardrobe! Reducing belts have evolved over the years and are now the perfect allies to help you reshape your silhouette. They are made with some great fabrics which will suit any body-shape and size. Use them under your clothes and try not to wear anything too tight over them, or they'll start showing. Needless to say, this is all in addition to the proper nutrition plan and training routine you should start following in order to take back control over your body and feel healthy again.

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