Unique Spring recipes that put Jamie Oliver to shame

As the warm weather approaches and sun begins to peek its bright shining face, it becomes that time of year to step into the kitchen and cook beautiful fresh seasonal recipes. With spring definitely in the air, let’s feed hunger pains by preparing lighter dishes, featuring fish, seafood and brightly coloured market-fresh spring produce.

Roasted salmon with asparagus and new potatoes

Time to mix things up with your next roast and prepare a fresh piece of roasted salmon. High in protein and packed with healthy oils, salmon feeds the brain, nourishes the body, and tastes mighty fine as well. Brighten up the simple roasted salmon dish with some grilled asparagus and new potatoes, and you'll have a perfect Sunday roast to celebrate the springtime.

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Watercress salad

Spruce up boring watercress with a lively plate bursting with flavour. A healthy dish for lunch or a side salad with dinner, top a big batch of watercress with sliced pink grapefruit and crumbled goat’s cheese. Prior to serving, top with a poached egg and a light mustard vinaigrette.

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Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb season begins to peak during the end of April, which means May should be filled with tart wonderful rhubarb treats. A classic rhubarb pie can never fail: chopped rhubarb, sugar, butter, flour, lemon all baked in a flaky and buttery pie crust. Top with vanilla ice cream and you’re in for an extra special pudding.

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Pomegranate quinoa salad

Talk about a salad packed with super foods, cook a cup of quinoa, the Peruvian power grain that reigns from the Andes Mountains, and mix it with chopped cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, parsley and crumbled feta cheese. For an extra sweet yet tart flavour punch, shower with pomegranate seeds over the salad before serving.

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Grilled halibut with spring vegetables

Salute the spring with this fresh fish dish that’s not only healthy, but super easy to make. Season halibut generously with lemon and salt before quickly grilling. Serve the halibut with a mix of sautéed spinach and spring onions, and a creamy roasted garlic mashed potato on the side.

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Slow cooked lamb

On chilly spring nights we still need to feed hearty cravings. Whether you are cooking a dinner party for friends, or a Sunday roast for family, prepare a beautiful tender lamb that will look like it came out of a professional kitchen. Braise lamb for at least 6 hours with red wine, garlic and onions. After the lamb is finished cooking, it will be so tender it will fall off the fork.

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Linguine pesto with grilled chicken and broccoli

Pesto has never been this elegant. A great family meal to make on the fly, this easy yet healthy dish will look like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen. Perk up your plain old pesto pasta with strips of freshly grilled lemon chicken and bright green florets of broccoli. Serve alongside crusty garlic bread for a complete home run.

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Tortilla española

Bring a taste of Spain to your brunch table with a hearty tortilla española. Liven up this breakfast dish, which is very similar to a quiche or potato frittata, with Spanish chorizo, cheese, and even bacon. The tortilla is both cooked and served on a cast iron skillet, which is not only functional but adds to the charming decor of the table.

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Spinach, strawberry and basil salad

Sometimes the simplest dish makes the most delicious. Fill a bowl with clean spinach leaves, fresh basil, sliced strawberries and walnuts. Top the salad with a balsamic vinegar reduction before serving. A gourmet side salad ready in under five minutes. For some extra protein and creaminess, add a few slices of fresh goat cheese or brie.

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Crab salad open-faced sandwich

April marks the beginning of crab season, which welcomes the perfect time of year to make a decadent crab salad. Succulent and sweet, mix the crab meat with chopped celery, a homemade garlic aioli, lemon, spring onion, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Fork it onto a thick slice of sourdough toast and top with salt and cracked pepper.

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