Kings of social media, the most popular Facebook pages

Updated July 11, 2018

Facebook is everywhere. You can’t pick up a box of cereal, switch on the TV or check your mobile phone without being bombarded with logos that beckon you to “Like” the page of some company, celebrity or wannabe. The competition for popularity is fierce, but these ten pages have been more successful than any other.

10: Harry Potter

After a hugely successful series of films based on an equally successful series of books, Harry Potter has gathered a huge following. The Facebook page gives Harry Potter fans regular updates on what’s going on in the world of the boy-wizard, including special offers, award nominations and birthday shout-outs to the series’ stars. They also regularly post up quotes and images to whet fans’ appetites.

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9: Michael Jackson

You don’t have to be alive to do well on Facebook. The king of pop is continuing to amass posthumous fans on social media, with an active community sharing memorabilia, images, quotes and trivia inspired by the off-the-wall, thrilling and downright bad musical sensation.

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8: Shakira

Shakira has developed a huge Facebook following mostly by virtue of her multi-lingual status updates. There is a personal tint to many of the star’s updates, and she also keeps fans up to date with new singles, behind the scenes videos and her philanthropic endeavours.

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7: The Simpsons

The most famous cartoon family in the world has continuously kicked up a storm on Facebook. They post regular updates on upcoming episodes, illustrious guest stars and anything else going on in the Simpsons world. Al Jean, one of the show’s original writers, posted up a personalised “Thank You” message when the page broke 50 million fans, showing their continued appreciation for the show’s mammoth fan base.

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6: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has amassed a staggering number of “lil monsters” (her affectionate name for fans) on her Facebook page. Her reputation as an eccentric and her enormous musical success evidently brings a lot of fans, but she also regularly posts personal status updates and keeps her fans up to date with what’s going on in her world.

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5: Rihanna

As a global mega-star, Rihanna has a “navy” of Facebook fans. Regular news-style updates are posted, along with music videos, interviews and behind the scenes clips. There is a distinct lack of personalised updates, but the occasional scantily clad images clearly make up for it in terms of fans.

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4: Eminem

Although he only comes in at number four in the top ten, Eminem is actually the most liked individual person on Facebook. The page maintains his fan-following by providing regular updates on what’s going on in the world of the infamous rapper and his record label.

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3: YouTube

The reign of people on Facebook ends here. YouTube takes third place, well-known as the world’s leading community-fed video streaming website. From comedy virals to shocking true-life moments shot with shaky mobile phone cameras, there is something for everybody on YouTube. On Facebook, they provide links to the best videos and any relevant updates on internet video sensations.

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2: Texas HoldEm Poker

Zynga Poker’s native Texas hold ‘em page is the second most popular thing on Facebook. It provides information about special offers, tips on the game, definitions of poker slang, and cool quotes. The internet has brought new life to poker, and this page’s “Like” count is a perfect illustration of that fact.

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1: Facebook

It seems like a bit of a cop-out; the equivalent of the top search item being “Google,” but it is actually true. Facebook’s official, like-able page has the most fans out of any other. Technically, they hold the top two spots, with Facebook and Facebook for Every Phone, but they’ve been grouped into one here because they’re already hogging a lot of the limelight. The page is seldom updated, but as the platform for this mass popularity competition, Facebook is the real winner.

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