Video transcription

In this clip we are going to talk about body hair trimming. A lot of guys have started asking us if we do trimming on the body hair alot of guys do wax but some rather not wax and remove all the hair but we like to trim it down and make it look naturally blended. So we are now offering body hair trimming and we have alot of guys come in and get there arms, legs, full body basically trimmed. We use a simple trimmer or a clipper depending on the length of hair you would like to have and we go ahead and trim away at any areas that you need trimmed or shorten. It is great way and painless way of getting your hair removed without shorten with out any pain, it is great way and guys are doing it. So if you have alot of hair on your arms or legs or your chest and you don't want to wax you have body trimming now.