How to Write Different Types of Bubble Letters

Updated March 23, 2017

Bubble letters are a creative way to use letters in endeavours such as graffiti-style art, children's posters or even just in writing for fun. For a letter to be considered a "bubble letter" it must have a bubble-type shape to it or have a "fat" outline rather than have the simple single line typically used to write letters or numbers.

Choose a letter of the alphabet. Or, if you plan to write a word, make a plan to work on each letter in the same style to keep your end result consistent.

Draw the line lettering. The simplest way to form any type of bubble letter is to create outline lettering with the basic letter writing style. For example, write a basic "A" as you would normally write it. If you want a capitalised letter, write it in a capital for the outline.

Move the pencil slightly outside the line and trace a second line parallel to the inner letter line. Move the pencil to the other side of the line and repeat the process by drawing a second parallel line. The original line is now centred between two more lines. Connect the two outer lines with a connecting line as appropriate. This will create a blocky style of bubble writing.

Create a more rounded style of bubble letters by tracing around the original lettering and follow the lines in a rounded arch to make the outer bubbles all one line.

Draw graffiti-style letters by making round bubble shapes around all of the straight lines. For arches in the letters B or D, draw a large bubble around the straight line along the left, and then make bubbles around the arched shape. For B, the bubbles have one medium bubble in the middle, two more medium bubbles at the top and bottom, and two small bubbles to form the outer arch. For D, only three bubbles are needed: one at the back, one bubble that goes downward from the top to about the centre, and another going up from the bottom to meet the other in centre. The bubbles will overlap.

Trace the outer edges of the bubble letters with a dark pen.

Erase the lines in the middle of the bubbles. This removes the outlining shapes and leaves only the bubble letters behind.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Eraser
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