Evinrude Outboard Tune Up Specs

Updated February 21, 2017

The tune-up specifications for Evinrude outboard motors include the ignition timing adjustment, the idle speed -- which is electronically controlled in motors above 70-horsepower, the magneto breaker point gap for the smallest Evinrudes -- the Colt and Colt Jr., and the valve clearance for both intake and exhaust valves for all motors.

Ignition Timing Specifications

Set the timing for 30-horsepower and 55-horsepower motors between 0 to 2 degrees after top dead centre, or ATDC, at a motor speed of 725rpm to 775rpm, and 18 degrees to 20 degrees before top dead centre, or BTDC, at 4,500rpm to 5,000rpm. For 60-horsepower to 70-horsepower motors, set the timing between 1 degrees and 4 degrees ATDC at a motor speed of between 750rpm and 850rpm; at 4,500rpm to 6,000rpm, set the timing at between 18 degrees and 20 degrees, BTDC. Set the timing for motors above 70-horsepower at 1 to 4 degrees ATDC at a motor speed of between 750rpm and 875rpm and 19 degrees BTDC at 5,500rpm to 6,000rpm.

Idle Speed Specifications

Set the idle speed for 30-horsepower and 55-horsepower motors between 725rpm and 775rpm. Set the idle speed for motors 60-horsepower to 70-horsepower at 750rpm to 850rpm. The idle speed in motors above 70-horsepower is preset and controlled by the motor's electronic control unit, and is non-adjustable.

Magneto Breaker Point Gap Specifications

Set the breaker point gap for the smaller 2-horsepower, 2.3-horsepower and 3.3-horsepower Colt Jr. motors with a 22 microfarad to 26 microfarad capacitor, at 0.008mm. Set the breaker point gap for the 3-horsepower and 4-horsepower Colt, with an 18 MFD to 22 MFD capacitor, to 0.022mm.

Valve Clearance Specifications

Set the valve clearance to 0.003mm at intake and 0.005mm at exhaust, for motors up to 9.9-horsepower that were built after 1998. For those built prior to 1998, set the valve clearance to 0.004mm at intake and 0.006mm at exhaust, for the 9.9-horsepower and 15-horsepower motors. For 25-horsepower to 50-horsepower motors, set both intake and exhaust at 0.009mm. For motors 70-horsepower and above, set intake at 0.005mm and exhaust at 0.006mm.

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