Solar System Cake Ideas

Written by jen oda | 13/05/2017
Solar System Cake Ideas
Look at pictures for ideas on how to colour your space cake. (earth day & night-atlantic image by Michael Brown from

Solar system cakes are a refreshing departure from common birthday cakes. Their shapes and images reflect the beauty of the natural sky and the wonder of the Earth in the universe. Solar system themed cakes range anywhere from simple designs to intricate layers, levels and shapes. Plan your cake design and be well prepared to decorate it brightly and your solar system cake will be sure to amaze your guests.


Solar systems cakes are especially appreciated by those who love the sky. Model your cake after the solar system. Solar system cakes offer a wide range of choices in terms of size, colour and shape. You can create one or many planets if you only have a basic cake design by painting images of different planets on the top of the cake with icing. Make the background colour deep blue or black and use red, yellow, orange and green to create the other planets. Use specks of white icing for stars. More advanced cake makers may be able to create a cake in the shape of a sphere. Spherical cakes are stunning when they are decorated like actual planets.

Sun and Stars Cakes

Sun and star cakes are bright and uplifting. They particularly suit women and girls, but can celebrate anyone who loves light and sparkles. Decorate your basic cake with a picture of the sun or stars in bright yellow, white, silver and gold icing and edible glitter.

To create a cake shaped like the sun or stars, bake a rectangular cake and cut it into your desired cake shape when it has cooled.

Space Crafts

Space craft cakes feature or are shaped like spaceships and UFOs. Theses cake are often make for young boys, but suit anyone who appreciates outer space travel. Design your cake to look like a rocket ship or UFO by baking a rectangular shaped cake and cutting it into your desired shape when it has cooled. Decorate your spaceship with white, silver or blue icing. Use candy or chocolates as lights on the body of the ship. You can even draw aliens or astronauts inside the windows looking out.

Alien and Space Monster Cakes

Aliens and space monster cakes are wacky and often times shocking. They are perfect for people who love the unexpected. Alien cakes can be easily made by creating a simple cake and painting a picture of an alien face on the top. If you are an experienced baker, try shaping your entire cake like an alien or space monster. Use different levels to create the body.

The most prominent element of an alien or space monster cake is the colour of the icing. Aliens and space monsters are usually depicted as being green, silver, white or blue. Use these colours to decorate your alien or monster too.

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