Lenders That Pull Only Equifax Reports

Written by jennifer simon | 13/05/2017

There are three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Most lenders will check an individual's credit score from all three agencies before supplying the individual with a credit card or loan. If an individual has been in debt and has the highest credit score with Equifax, it is possible to find some lenders that only pull the Equifax report.

Justice Federal Credit Union

The Justice Federal Credit Union has been serving customers throughout the United States for the past 75 years. The main website explains that the credit union specialises in providing a variety of credit cards and loans. The credit union does require individuals to become a member in order to receive financial assistance. However, the Justice Federal Credit Union only runs an Equifax report when reviewing an individual's credit score prior to issuing a credit card or loan. The Justice Federal Credit Union supplies Visa cards in addition to car loans, personal loans, and education loans. The intent of the Justice Federal Credit Union is to assist individuals in obtaining their goals through financial assistance.

Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union is designed to offer financial services and assistance to all military service members and their families. According to the main website, the credit union has been in business since 1933. With locations throughout the country, Navy Federal Credit Union is known for providing quality loans, banking options, and credit cards. The credit union only checks an individual's credit report from Equifax during the credit check process. Assuming that the individual's credit score is high enough, the individual will have access to quality service, financial assistance, and great rates. Individuals must become a member of the Navy Federal Credit Union before loans or credit can be supplied.

NASA Federal Credit Union

The NASA Federal Credit Union was designed to directly assist NASA employees as well as their families. The specialised credit union works with NASA employees to ensure that they receive the financial service and assistance that is needed. The credit union offers credit cards, home loans, car loans, education loans, business loans, and retirement planning. Due to the select nature of the credit union, only the Equifax credit report is checked when an individual is applying for some form of financial assistance. The goal of the NASA Federal Credit Union is to supply customers with dependable and quality financial assistance at the lowest rates possible.

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