Ideas for homemade masquerade ball masks

Written by jen oda
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Ideas for homemade masquerade ball masks
Mask templates are inexpensive and the easiest way to create your mask at home. (Masks image by Alexis Rose from

Masquerade balls are mysterious and enchanting but the masks are often imported and very expensive. By creating your own mask at home, you save yourself a lot of money and give yourself the freedom to create the perfect mask for your face. You need a basic mask as the foundation, glue, paint and whatever other materials you wish to add. The creation itself takes some time but the end product is well worth it.

Basic Masks

Basic masks are simple and clean. They cover the eyes, part of the face or the entire face. Basic masks have no frills and are easy to create at home. Buy a simple plastic mask and paint it however you want. Solid white, black, gold and silver are stunning mask colours. They particularly suit men. Use several colours, bright colours, shapes and lines for a more festive look. For a softer mask, cut holes in a piece of fabric and tie the fabric around your eyes.

Carnival Masks

Carnival masks are more lively than basic masks. The shape of carnival masks are mischievous and the paint is often sparkly and bright. Cut your basic mask's eyes to be pointy. Cut the edges of a basic plastic mask to create dramatic grooves pointing up or downward. Decorate the carnival mask with colourful paint, glitter, rhinestones and feathers. These masks particularly suit jester costumes and Mardi Gras wear.

Venetian Masks

Venetian masks are higher quality than the plastic ones and take considerably more time to make. They are heavier and more intricately decorated. Use papier-mâché to create a Venetian mask. Inflate a balloon the size of your head. Dip strips of paper into a flour-water mixture and plaster them on the balloon to shape your mask. When the papier-mâché dries, pop the balloon to retrieve your mask. The papier-mâché will take more than one day to dry. You can then paint and decorate the mask to your liking. Create holes in the sides to tie ribbons though. Glue on trimmings and glitter and gems.

Lightweight Masks

Lightweight masks are delicate and less cumbersome that the other masks. Make lightweight masks out of wire and fabric. Bend a strong, thin piece of wire to create the shape of your mask. Cover the mask with your desired choice of elegant fabric like satin or lace. Glue the fabric to itself to cover the wire and cut out the eyes of the mask. Decorate these masks just as you would other masks, with glitter, paint, jewels and feathers. Lightweight wire masks are delicate and are particularly flattering on women.

Paint-On Masks

Face paint is a simple way to design your face exactly the way you want it. Face paint gives you freedom to have a mask without wearing on object on your face. Paint on animal faces, scary faces or clown faces, or paint on a mask leaving some of your face revealed. Face paint is inexpensive and found in many costume stores. Thousands of face paint examples can be found online to replicate and alter to your desired look.

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