Room Heaters That Are Cool to the Touch

Updated November 21, 2016

Lowering your home's thermostat and adding energy-efficient room-sized heaters to rooms currently in use, is a popular and budget-friendly heating option for cold winter months, when done correctly. Small room-sized heaters are increasing in popularity, style and features. Homeowners find models that are cool to the touch a desirable added safety feature.

Vornado Touchstone 500

Recommended by Consumer Reports as one of the top rated of the electric room-sized heaters in Oct 2010, the Vornado Touchstone 500 offers the safety of a cool cabinet and grill in a remote controlled, 5.44kg. unit. The heater is made of steel. It is rated as being efficient in a room that measures 16-by-16 feet and has an 8-foot ceiling.

Vornado Touchstone 500 can be set to put out 800 or 1500 watts requiring only a plug into a standard 120-volt household current. The heater is small measuring a little over 11 inches in height and width with a 7 1/2 inch base. It features an automatic shut off tip over switch for added safety.

DeLonghi Tower Ceramic

Made by DeLonghi and available in three sizes, this room heating ceramic tower heater has a body that stays cool and is lightweight with a top side handle, making the heater easily transportable from room to room. According to DeLonghi, the optional on/off eco-energy feature enables you to save an additional 40 per cent in energy costs. A tip-over and overheat sensor switch automatically switches the unit off if it overheats or tips over. An oscillating feature, programmable thermostat, remote control and fan-only feature make the unit versatile for more than one season.

Honeywell HZ-7204 Cool Touch

The foot-tall oval Honeywell HZ-7204 Cool Touch Energy Smart Heater, in pale grey and blue with a unique shape and wide, secure base, features a ceramic oscillating heater in housing that stays cool to the touch. The Cool Touch has automatic digital temperature controls allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. An automatic tip-over switch will turn the heater off should it be tipped.

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