Hairstyles to go out for night clubbing

Updated April 17, 2017

Getting past the bouncer's velvet ropes may not be your biggest challenge when going out for an evening of clubbing. While you may have the perfect slinky dress, to-die-for stilettos and sensationally shimmering lip gloss, your hairstyle may be the biggest feat. With a little imagination and a little inspiration, you can sport a winning look that will give you hours of flair for your night on the town.

The Slick Ponytail

A ponytail with a smooth polish presents plenty of style to any outfit you wear. Most importantly it keeps hair out of your face and with enough hair product will maintain its smooth finish through hours of sweat. To get this look, slick your wet, clean hair back with a finishing polish. Blow dry or flat iron it straight. Create a high ponytail on your head with an elastic band (avoid scrunchies). Wrap a piece of the hair from your ponytail around the band to hide it. Curl your ends if your hair is uneven or leave it straight for a crisp look.

Tossled Tresses

Planned dishevelment is also a look that is perfect for nightclubbing. You can have more freedom and fun going wild if your hair is already halfway there. Some salons are inundated with requests to create wild curls. If you have long hair, achieving this look may be less of a challenge. If your hair is short, consider removable hair extensions for a dramatic transformation.

French Braid

If you want a bohemian-chic look go for a french braid. You can french braid along the front of your hair line (from one ear to the other) and let the back of your hair flow down. This will be sure to keep the hair off your face while you groove to the music. If you want complete control of your hair, apply a styling product to clean wet hair. Blow dry it, but not completely straight -- this will give your braid some fullness. Part your hair on one side and french braid your hair down the centre, on one side, or apply a single braid on each side.

Naturally Flowing

One way to keep a youthful, natural appearance is to avoid overdone hair that has high volume or too many tendrils. One way to achieve this look for an evening of nighclubbing is by giving your hair a natural look. If you have long hair, apply butterfly clips to the sides while wet. Waves will form once your hair is dry. Remove the clips and style your waves with your fingers and apply a mist of hairspray to help keep the form. Use clips to pull back from your face if desired. If your hair is short, apply a styling balm to give your hair texture.

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