Simple Homemade Halloween Kids' Costumes

Updated April 14, 2017

Creating your child's Halloween costume does not have to require hours of sewing or elaborate construction. In fact, there are many costumes that can be made with a little creativity and some simple supplies. Talk to your child about her ideas and use these costume suggestions to come up with a homemade costume that everyone will enjoy.


Simple animal costumes are easy to make using your child's sweatpants, sweatshirt and socks. Create a spooky cat costume by dressing your child in a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. Use her black socks over her hands for paws and one sock safety pinned to the back of her sweatpants for a tail. Paint black stripes on white sweats to make a zebra costume or use grey sweats to make a little mouse. Decorate your child's face with face paint and, if your child's sweatshirt has a hood, attach construction paper ears to the outside using a hot glue gun.

Constuction Worker

Create a construction worker costume by dressing your child in his jeans, boots and a white T-shirt. Use an old flannel or striped shirt with the sleeves cut off to go over his shirt. Take an old tool belt and fill it full of simple tools such as screwdrivers, a hammer, a measuring tape and duct tape to help complete the look. If you have a hard hat, work gloves or walkie talkies, add them to your costume for a more authentic look.


A simple farmer costume can be adapted for young children and older kids. Dress your child in a plaid shirt and overalls, with a straw hat and bandanna, if available. Allow your older child to select a stuffed farm animal to carry with her or let her carry a stick horse as she goes trick or treating. For a small child, place her in a wagon with several stuffed farm animals and a layer of hay for a simple and themed way to transport her through the neighbourhood. Stick with the theme by giving her a farm bucket to collect her treats.


Dress up your child in his suit and add a cape to create a homemade magician costume. Let your child wear a black suit or other dressy outfit and create a simple cape for him to wear by tying a long piece of fabric around his neck. For extra comfort, sew strips of ribbon on the top ends of the cape to tie it more securely. Paint a wooden dowel rod or paper towel tube black with white tips for him to use as his magic wand.

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