Best Colors for Mediterranean Men to Wear

Updated April 17, 2017

Mediterranean men are renowned around the world for their beauty and sex appeal. Their black locks, sandy skin and mysterious eyes have inspired paintings, sculptures and songs. The complexion of Mediterranean men's skin is described as olive and they usually have darker hair and eyes. Bold primary colours from the winter season and autumn season most complement Mediterranean men.

True Red

True red is energetic and passionate. This colour complements most skin tones but is especially flattering to olive skinned men. The bold vibrancy of true red matches the intensity of any Mediterranean man's dark features in contrast to his lighter skin.


White looks crisp and clean against a Mediterranean man's darker complexion. White shirts and trousers give olive skinned men a soft classy look. Wearing white can be casual while still looking sharp.


Green is a vibrant colour that complements a Mediterranean man. It is an earth colour and automatically attracts the eye. Both brighter greens like harlequin and darker greens like forest suit the olive complexion. Hold the green fabric up to the skin to see which green best suits.


Blue is a dynamic brilliant colour that suits a Mediterranean man's complexion well. Navy blue flatters a man with cooler olive skin and warmer blues like azure and Tiffany blue are best for men with warmer olive tones.


Violet is a courageous colour for a man to wear. Some men will shy away from violets because they can be seen as feminine colours. Worn correctly, violet stands out as charming and unique. Violet looks regal and elegant against a Mediterranean man's dark complexion.

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