Homemade Zombie Cheerleader Costumes

Updated February 21, 2017

Zombies are a cultural favourite in the United States. From classic zombie movies like "Night of the Living Dead" to contemporary classics like "28 Days," people are fascinated with the "undead." For Halloween, dressing up like a zombie is an instantly recognisable favourite. The zombie cheerleader is a sexy variation on the classic theme that allows the reveller to dress up in a cute outfit while still getting sufficiently scary and ghoulish for the holiday.


Look in thrift stores for an authentic cheerleader uniform. If you want to make your entire costume from scratch, start with a short pleated skirt. Sew a school decal, or a megaphone decal onto the chest of a sleeveless shirt. Wear some short white socks and white sneakers, and tie your hair in pigtails. Remember to wear small shorts under your skirt, since cheerleader skirts tend to be very short. For the true zombie, the uniform should be tattered and dirty, but you can keep it pristine if you think you might wear it again.


The make-up is what turns your everyday cheerleader into a zombie cheerleader. Start with a deathly pale base and be sure to darken around your eyes for that sunken, undead look. If you are artistically inclined, draw some torn flesh with red, brown and black face paint. If you are not comfortable designing the torn flesh yourself, you can find temporary tattoo decals at Halloween stores. Make your face as gross and bloody as possible. Don't forget to blacken a few teeth.


Zombies are not concerned with cleanliness. Use real dirt to make your skin dirty and yellowed. Paint your nails black and make your hands look gnarly with dirt or make-up. Accessorise with a severed head or a bloody hand from the Halloween store. Get some pom poms to complete the undead cheerleader look and come up with a zombie-themed cheer if you're going with friends.

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