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Updated February 21, 2017

High school yearbooks freeze your high school experience in time for all posterity. Twenty years later your own children will find it and make fun of your hairstyle or you'll find yourself nostalgically flipping through it one day while cleaning out the basement. Since this book will be looked at for many years to come, you want to come up with fun and creative ideas from each yearbook page.

Mock Awards Page

All yearbooks need a page dedicated to the mock awards. The senior class votes for which of their classmates are most likely to succeed, have the best hair, the best smile or the best car. The winners then have their pictures taken and displayed in the yearbook. But to make this page more fun, have the winners pose with funny props such as a giant toothbrush for best smile or best car waxing his vehicle. You also can digitally add props, artwork or thought bubbles to the pictures to make them more fun and interesting.

Baby Picture Page

Encourage parents to send in pictures of the senior students as babies or toddlers, either professional photos or candid snapshots. These pictures will show just how far the students have come. They also may make a few students giggle and others blush in mild embarrassment. Arrange the pictures in alphabetical rows so they resemble the students' other yearbook pictures. Don't forget to come up with cute, entertaining captions for the photographs.

Candid Student Life Page

No year is complete without a candid student life page for every grade. These pictures paint a more realistic version of high school than those of posed group photos. Capture candid photos of students studying, raising their hands or falling asleep in class. Take pictures of lunch hour --- which kids each in the cafeteria and which ones eat in the hall. Display pictures of kids between classes --- walking in the halls with their friends, primping in their locker mirror between classes or working on a large art project.

Students in Pencil Page

If you have a young artist on your yearbook staff who likes to draw, dedicate a page of the yearbook to drawings of each student or just the senior students. The artist can use the students' official yearbook pictures as a guide. His drawings can be accurate renditions, cartoonish or full blown caricatures. All sketches should be done in fun and not with malice. Be sure to add a witty caption to each picture.

Teacher Page

Don't forget about including your teachers in your yearbook. While most yearbooks contain a page or two with the names and photos of each teacher, why not dedicate another page to one or two teachers that stand out from the rest? Have the students vote on their favourite teachers then profile that teacher. In the profile include candid photos of her teaching the class and an interview discussing why she became a teacher, her favourite part of teaching and fun random facts that remind students that their teachers are real people too.

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