Alternatives to Stone Sealers

Updated March 23, 2017

Stone sealers are applied to tiles, countertops, walls, and other surfaces made of natural stones, such as marble, limestone, granite, slate and sandstone. These natural stones are porous and need to be treated with sealers to protect them from staining and to preserve their natural appearance. Conventional stone sealers are solvent-based and contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With tightening safety and environmental regulations, these solvent-based stone sealers are being replaced by water-based stone sealers as an alternative. Several stone sealer manufacturers have already released their water-based sealer versions.

Dupont Stonetech Professional

Dupont has several types of water-based sealer, depending on the porosity of the surface it will be used on. One type is called the "BulletProof Sealer," which provides maximum protection from stains and is recommended to be used with the most porous natural surfaces. The "Dupont Sealer," on the other hand, is a more economical option that provides standard protection for less porous stones.

As of January 2011, a quart of BulletProof Sealer costs £44 while a quart of the regular Dupont Sealer costs £19. Aside from its environmental benefit, Dupont's water-based stone sealers are easier to apply. With technological improvements, these sealers also outperform their traditional solvent-based counterparts.

Stone Care International

Stone Care International (SCI) is another major manufacturer of stone surfaces and other products, such as sealers, cleaners and stain removers. SCI's water-based stone sealers include the standard Spray-N-Seal and the Spray-N-Seal XP for the more porous stones. Aside from stone surfaces, these sealers can be used for sealing concrete, sanded grout, stucco and masonry structures. The Spray-N-Seal products have also been certified by Underwriters Laboratories for slip resistance.

These sealers are available to be shipped in gallons, 236ml. spray containers or 1-qt. spray containers. As of January 2011, a quart of SCI's Spray-N-Seal can be purchased for £26 for the regular type and £37 for the XP version.

Felixchem Corporation, Incorporated

Felixchem released the Strongman-W Stone Sealer as an alternative to their solvent-based Strongman Sealer Stone Sealer. The Strongman-W version performs equally as its conventional counterpart, but it is also easier to use. It is applied by spraying, sealing and then wiping the surface on which it was applied. It then works as a repellent of stains, dirt and liquids. As of January 2011, a Stongman-W sealer is available in an 236ml. spray bottle with a price of £6 or in a 1-qt. spray bottle with a price of £24.

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