Contemporary hairstyles for women over 50

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're a woman over the age of 50 and want a contemporary, stylish cut, a few options are available. A short 'do keeps hair healthy since the split ends are cut off regularly. You can also layer medium to longer length hair to add volume to thinning hair. For a contemporary cut for a mature woman, go with a length that looks best for your face shape and accentuates your beautiful features.


Short contemporary styles are a versatile option for the woman over 50. For a more conservative look, cut your hair into short layers all around. If you're a mature woman looking for an edgier look, go with a retro comeback like the short pixie cut worn by famous '70s model, Twiggy. With this cut you can spike up the ends with mousse.

For an everyday look, skip the mousse and wear layers flat. If you're in between, go with the everyday look but add a little edge, depth and dimension by tapering the cropped locks with a razor. This look can be combined with classic hair colours such as brown and silver or stepped up by colouring the hair a deep red.


Classic waves are a timeless look for the mature woman and give an air of sophistication to medium length hair. Waves are for the mature woman who wants to showcase a sexy side. With medium length, you can leave the waves cascading down your shoulders, or opt to pull up the hair for a more formal appearance. A flicked hairstyle for a woman over 50 gives off an upbeat, flirty vibe with the upward bent edges.

To create a flicked style, wash and towel-dry the hair. After combing through tangles, use the tip of a comb to create a side part. Work from the middle of your left eye and move backward. Blow-dry hair in small sections with a large round brush and work backward. Lift the hair at the roots to give it more volume. When drying the back and sides, blow straight down until you reach the edges and then flick, or roll, your hair upward around the brush. After your hair is dry, rub styling wax between your finger tips and pull through the hair to hold the flick. Mist with a holding spray and you're ready for a night on the town.


Longer hairstyles are still appropriate for women over 50. To create a casual look, simply pull the top of your hair back and secure it with a hair clip. Curl the bottom half and leave it free flowing. You can also pin your hair up into a bun for a more formal occasion.

For a sexy, sophisticated look, go for layers. Layers add bounce and depth to any hairstyle. Use peek-a-boo fringe to hide pesky crow's feet or other undesirable facial features.

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