Christmas party guessing games

Updated November 21, 2016

Many people attend party after party during the Christmas season. If you are hosting a holiday party, be sure to plan several party games that children and adults will enjoy. Play a variety of guessing games to add excitement to the party and award prizes to game winners to keep everyone involved. A few supplies from your local craft and retail store are all you need to get the party started.

Jar sweets game

Fill several clear jars that have lids, such as mason jars, with a variety of Christmas sweets. You can use green and red chocolates, Christmas ribbon sweets or individually wrapped candy. Count each piece you put in each jar and write the total down on a piece of paper. As each guest arrives to the party, he will guess how many pieces are in each jar. He can write down his guesses on a small sheet of paper along with his name. After everyone has a chance to guess, see who guessed the closest to the correct number in each jar. The person who guesses closest to the correct number of candies in each jar wins the jar full of sweets.

Candy guess

Everyone must sit in a circle to play the candy guess game. Get a stocking and fill it half way with a mixture of wrapped candy, such as candy canes, chocolate kisses or any other Christmas-themed sweets. Break the candy cane into several pieces to make it harder to guess. You can also throw some small, plastic toys to trick the players. Hand the bag to someone in the circle and let her reach in the bag to feel the candy. She must guess what piece of candy is in the bag without looking. If she gets it correct, she can eat that piece of candy. If she guesses wrong, she has to give the piece of candy to the person on her right. Keep playing until everyone has a few pieces of candy.

Stocking stuffers

You will need a large stocking for a game of stocking stuffers. Have everyone bring a wrapped Christmas ornament of the same value and put them all on a table. Put 25 to 30 (at least five items more than the amount of players you have) Christmas items in the stocking, such as a pine cone, Christmas ornament, tape, ribbon, a piece of wrapping paper, candy cane and small toy. Blindfold each player one at a time and let him stick his hand in the bag of objects. He will try to guess one of the objects in the bag. If he guesses correctly, he can choose one of the Christmas ornaments on the table to open. If he guesses incorrectly, he must wait until everyone else goes to guess again.

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