Front Porch Decoration Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Your front porch serves as an introduction to the home. An attractively decorated porch is important for making visitors feel welcome, and, for those trying to sell their house, for attracting interest in your home. Fortunately, even quick and simple decorations can make a big difference in the appearance of your entire house.


When decorating a porch, carefully select a colour. Decide whether you like the current colour or need to make a change. You may want to use two or more contrasting colours since lighter colours and brighter colours draw more attention. For example, if you have a dark grey porch with white columns and a brighter blue door, people's eyes will gravitate to the columns and door, making them natural places to place decorations.


Your porch should feel connected to the rest of your house, and the easiest way to achieve that is through a consistent theme. If you use country-style decorations internally, look for similar weather-resistant items to place outdoors. Likewise, if your house is a study in beiges or blues, carry that feel to the out-of-doors by using similar colours. For those with sophisticated tastes, create an elegant feeling outdoors by replacing a plastic doorbell cover with a polished brass one and by nesting items like plastic plant baskets in nicer containers.

Take a Seat

Every room -- including your porch -- needs a focal point. The natural focal point for a porch depends on the size of the space. A bench, porch swing or small table and chair set can all provide attractive focal points. When selecting outdoor furniture, look for items that appeal to your tastes and that you find comfortable. Avoid uncomfortable, mass-produced plastic chairs in favour of nicer patio pieces, wicker or wood chairs or even upholstered items featuring sturdier fabrics. You can always find something you like and replace fabric with something outside-appropriate if necessary.

Simple Changes

You can keep your porch up to date and celebrate different seasons easily by making small changes. Look for areas where you have colour contrast, such as doors or columns. These areas naturally lend themselves to wreaths, bows, lights and other decorations, all of which come in seasonal variations. Flowers -- popular on tables or flanking stairs -- can also be exchanged throughout the year for a fresh look as can chair cushion and accents placed on a table.

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