Yearbook Superlative Ideas

The senior section of the yearbook focuses on the graduating class. This section includes senior superlatives. Senior superlatives is a selection of polls that reflect seniors' opinions of their classmates. Seniors usually vote on one male and one female for each category. If you become stumped when organising the list of categories, consider the following ideas.

Personality Superlatives

Superlatives based on personality focus on individual traits. Analyse the following ideas for these type of superlatives.


Most Entertaining



Most Outgoing

Biggest Flirt

Biggest Partier

Most Unique

Drama King and Queen

Class Clown




Biggest Ego

Most Sarcastic

Most School Spirit

Biggest Gossiper

Most Changed

Most Talkative

Physical Features Superlatives

Ideas for physical feature superlatives include:

Best Looking

Best Body

Prettiest Smile

Prettiest Eyes

Best Hair

Biggest Muscles

Most Photogenic

Best Dressed

Cutest Couple


Most Likely To... Superlatives

Use "most likely to" superlatives to vote on future actions of classmates.

Most Likely to Succeed

Most Likely to Be Rich

Most Likely to Never Leave Home

Most Likely to Marry

Most Likely to Be President

Most Likely to Be Famous

Contemporary Categories

Consider contemporary categories to focus on current events.

Next American Idol

Next Reality TV Star

Most Myspace Friends

Biggest Facebook Addict

Fastest Texter

Future WWE Wrestler

Funny Superlative Ideas

Add humour to the superlative section with:

Worst Car

Best Car

Worst Driver

Best Driver

Funniest Laugh

Best Excuses

Always Late

Most Accident Prone

Next Great Superhero

Talent Superlatives

Consider superlatives that focus on individual talents.

Most Studious

Most Athletic

Most Artistic

Most Talented

Most Creative

Musically Masterful

Hardest Worker

Other Ideas

Include a photo of the winning male and female together in the superlative section of the yearbook.

Ask each individual how they feel about being chosen for their respective category.

Add a list of runners-up for each category.

Choose categories that are not based solely on popularity. Select categories where every clique can be represented.

Consider keeping winners secret until the publishing of the yearbook.

Limit each student to one category. If a student wins more than one category, ask him which he would most like to represent. For the other category, award the superlative to the male or female with the second highest number of votes.

To ensure accuracy, have the ballots counted twice by two different people.

Include source information such as how the poll was taken and how many results were tallied.

An online voting system eliminates the hassle of tallying votes. Ensure that the security settings do not allow for duplicate votes by one individual. Make sure that students have access to the system on campus.

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