Iron Supplement Gummies for Children

Finding a child's gummy supplement containing iron is difficult because of the possibility of an iron overdose. Acute iron poisoning is a common and serious intoxication in children; in about 1 per cent in cases it is fatal, according to the National Institutes of Health. Vitamins in gummy form are more palatable to kids, and because of this, they may eat a dangerous amount. Adults should supervise their child's vitamin consumption at all times, and keep vitamins out of reach.

Navitco NutriBear Iron Gummies

Navitco's NutriBear Iron supplements come in the form of 5 mg "great tasting jelly bears" and are kosher and vegetarian. For children under 4-years-old, one bear constitutes 50 per cent of the child's daily value of iron. For adults and children more than 4-years-old, 1 bear represents 27 per cent of the daily value. The maximum dosage is four bears a day. Other ingredients in NutriBear gummies include glucose, fructose, citrus pectin, citric acid, elderberry concentrate and natural flavour.

Nature's Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Gummies

Source of Life Animal Paradise bubblegum flavoured supplements by Nature's Plus contain 20 essential vitamins and minerals, along with 14 whole foods. The serving size of two animal-shaped gummies has 1 mg of iron, or 6 per cent of the daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet. They also have 100 per cent of the daily value of vitamins C, E, B-1, B-2, B-6 and B-12, among other vitamins. Other ingredients include glucose syrup, organic evaporated cane juice, gelatin, citric acid , lactic acid, spirulina, whole brown rice, broccoli, spinach, mango fruit, carrot, West Indian cherry and papaya fruit.

Dr. D Iron Gummy Bears

Dr. D Iron gummy bears contain 5 mg of iron from iron fumarate. This represents 50 per cent of the daily value for children ages two to three, and 28 per cent of the daily value for adults and children ages four and over. Dr. D Iron supplements also contain vitamins C and B-12 and folate. Other ingredients include cane sugar, glucose, citrus pectin, citric acid, natural flavour and elderberry concentrate. The serving size is one bear.

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