What to Wear for a Smart Casual Dinner Out

Written by chérie de sues | 13/05/2017
What to Wear for a Smart Casual Dinner Out
A casual business dinner can mean an open shirt and suit jacket for comfort. (woman image by Tomasz Wojnarowicz from Fotolia.com)

Depending on the reason for the invitation to dinner, dressing appropriately with style is easy. Choose colours that are neither too bright or dull, and neither too tight nor loose fitting. Comfort and style are the key to a casual dinner out with friends, a business meeting or that special someone. A classy look says a lot about a person, so choose clothes that are neither too revealing nor too covering. Find a balance.

A Dinner With a Special Someone

What to Wear for a Smart Casual Dinner Out
This simple dark green dress and coral-coloured shawl are perfect with a chunky necklace. (Woman in evening dress image by Vladimir Melnikov from Fotolia.com)

Look in the closet for feminine and flattering, with colours that suit skin tone, hair colour and the weather. Black is the first choice for most women, but try plum, navy blue or dark green as a change. During the warm months, a light-coloured dress with a sweater or shawl will be both appealing and comfortable. Slacks with a narrow bottom at the ankles with high heels and a feminine top is a real winner for any time of the year. If the weather is cold with rain or snow, try high-heeled boots with a simple, long-sleeved wool dress. Add a piece of eye-catching jewellery, such as a bulky bracelet or heavy necklace for interest.

Out With Close Friends

What to Wear for a Smart Casual Dinner Out
If you decide to wear black, mix it up with a white shirt to add contrast. (successful businesswoman image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com)

With friends, the dinner may go on for a few hours, so comfort and style are a must. If you're at a friend's home, layering is a great idea in case the weather turns cold or too warm. A classy open-collar shirt with the tails out and a feminine short-waist sweater looks great over slender trousers and heels. Add a lightweight, multicoloured, skinny scarf to freshen the look. In a restaurant, try skinny jeans, short, high-heeled boots and a jersey top. Add long candelabra earrings and a funky, chunky bracelet to finish the look.

A Casual Business Dinner

What to Wear for a Smart Casual Dinner Out
A shirtdress is a great investment for a casual dinner or the office. (business woman. image by Kurhan from Fotolia.com)

Sometimes, an impromptu meeting is called to make decisions on a big business deal. Look professional, but comfortable and feminine at the same time. Wear a shirt dress with boots or heels. Add some flair to a suit with a printed scarf to show a little personality. A pair of dark blue slacks, a white shirt and a baby-blue sweater looks smart, practical and feminine. Add a metal bracelet and chunky earrings to finish the put-together look. A black pencil skirt with a cream-coloured scooped-neck sweater and a pair of black boots would be tailored and casual. A trench coat is always comfortable and professional looking. Wear a trench coat over any outfit to stay warm and stylish.

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