Samsung LCD TV Features

Updated February 21, 2017

Samsung LCD digital TVs come in several screen sizes and contain some helpful features within the settings menu. Upon setting up and programming your Samsung, you might have questions about its extra functions. Navigating a few steps and testing your own device will have you operating your TV efficiently in little time.

OSD Settings

Samsung LCD TVs feature an adjustable OSD (on-screen display), which allows you to control picture output, sound output and channel set-up. Any of these functions can be accessed by first pushing the "Menu" button (located on the remote control above the four-way navigation button). You will see the main menu appear with the following options: "Picture," "Sound," "Channel," "Setup," "Input" and "Application." Using the four-way navigation buttons, highlight the item you wish to adjust and push "Enter" (located in the centre of the four-way navigation button). This will take you to the item's sub-menu. Select an option within the sub-menu by pushing up or down on the four-way navigation button, and then push the four-way navigation button to the right or left to adjust the value of that item.


Within the "Channel" menu, there is a handy feature called "Favorites," which keeps all of your favourite channels memorised in one list. Accessing "Favorites" makes channel-surfing easier. Add or delete a channel from your favourites by pushing the "Menu" button, "Channel," "Channel List" and then "Enter." You will see your programmed channels listed and a set of options on the bottom of the menu. Use the four-way navigation button to scroll up or down through the channels until you find the channel you wish to save or delete as a favourite. Use the four-way navigation button to scroll to the right and select "Tools," then push "Enter." Choose "Add to Favorite" to add the channel to your favourites or "Delete from Favorite" to delete the channel from your favourites.

Timer Viewing

You can be sure not to miss your favourite scheduled shows or movies by accessing the "Timer Viewing" feature. The "Timer Viewing" function tunes to a certain show or movie at a time specified by you regardless of which channel you're watching at the time. "Timer Viewing" can be accessed by pushing the "Menu" button, selecting "Channel," "Channel List" and pushing the "Enter" button. Use the four-way navigation button to select the channel you would like. Scroll across the options at the bottom of the menu to highlight "Tools" and then select "Timer Viewiing." Use the four-way navigation buttons to select the date and time you would like to schedule the switch. Specify if you would like the timer to activate "Once," "Every Week" or "Everyday" in the "Repeat" field.

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