Bernzomatic replacement tips

Updated February 21, 2017

"BernzOmatic" is a registered trade name for a line of portable soldering and brazing torches used by DIY repairers and professionals alike. BernzOmatic torches run on propane, propylene or butane, depending on the soldering or brazing work required. General-purpose soldering usually occurs via propane, propylene is more suitable for heavy-duty soldering or brazing, and lighter soldering employs butane.

BernzOmatic Kits: Torches, Tips and Tanks

BernzOmatic torches often come in kit form. These kits vary in what they include, depending on their intended purposes. Most include a fuel canister (propane, propylene or butane); torch head, usually equipped with "quick-start" ignition; torch-carrying handle; fuel tank holster; roll of solder; soldering flux; flux brushes; and even additional torch tips in some of the kits.

Additional BernzOmatic Items

BernzOmatic also offers separate accessories and parts for use with its torch kits, such as "quick-start" torches attached to hoses for use in tight areas or for doing bench work. In addition, you can usually purchase alternative fuel canisters for the various kinds of soldering or brazing, utility lighters and extra flints, rolls of solder and alternative torch tips separately.

BernzOmatic Tip Options

BernzOmatic torch-tip accessory options include a number of designs used in conjunction with the manufacturer's soldering and brazing kits. These kits include the standard "pencil-flame" tip, "swirl-flame" tip, "ultra-swirl, high-intensity flame" tip and the "utility flame" tip. Some BernzOmatic kits may include several torch tips, for various uses.

BernzOmatic Tip Uses

The various torch tips available for BernzOmatic torches are designed with specific purposes and uses in mind. For example, the standard pencil-flame tip figures in the standard soldering of copper tubing and similar items. The ultra-swirl, high-intensity flame tip allows for the soldering or brazing of heavier copper or brass items. Also available are clip-on "flame-spreaders," designed for broadening the flame, removing paint or general heating of an object.

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