3406B Caterpillar Engine Specifications

Updated November 21, 2016

Worldwide company Caterpillar manufactures diesel and natural gas engines, construction and mining equipment and diesel-electric locomotives. Although it is no longer produced, Caterpillar's 3406B engine continues to be in use more than 20 years after its initial production as a truck engine.


The 1988 Caterpillar 3406B diesel truck engine generates 350 horsepower (HP), based on a full load at 1,800 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Fuel Injection

Diesel engines require the fuel to be injected, which is accomplished through manual adjustments -- known as fuel timing -- in older engines like the 3406B. The 3406B lists on its specifications under fuel timing 16 DTC, or dead top centre. This indicates the number of degrees to set the timing from dead top centre of the engine.

Static Fuel

Two specifications listed for all model year Caterpillar 3406B diesel engines are full load static fuel and full torque static fuel. These listings are part of a metal plate on each engine. The 1988 model lists 1.20mm for full load and 2.45mm for full torque. A 1994 engine lists full load as 5.08mm and full torque at 5.81mm.

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