Nice Things to Do on Your Birthday

Written by tyra marieza | 13/05/2017
Nice Things to Do on Your Birthday
Buying yourself something special is a good birthday treat. (birthday image by Albert Lozano from

Doing something nice for yourself on your birthday is a good idea, especially when your birthday falls on a day like Wednesday, when it may be difficult or inconvenient for friends to throw you a party. This is also true if you live in a different state from the people who would normally celebrate with you. Whatever the situation, it's always nice to have your own plan for celebrating your special day.

Visit the Spa

When choosing a way to celebrate your birthday, think of something that you can enjoy doing alone without making you feel lonely; like a spa treatment. Spa treatments are tailored to be a personal experience in which you can relax and appreciate your unique wholeness. The moment you walk in the door to receive your massage, you'll notice how the entire treatment is about you and your happiness. To help add that special birthday flare to the occasion, be sure to let the receptionist know that you're coming to celebrate your birthday; this will give them the chance to add a gift to your soothing service.

Change Your Look

Nice Things to Do on Your Birthday
Some department stores will do your make up free of charge. (make-up artists image by blaine stiger from

For some people, their birthday triggers depression. They think about all the things that they haven't accomplished, or dread the age-related symptoms they're about to face. To avoid feeling depressed, give yourself a self-esteem boost by getting a makeover. Changing the way you look can have a positive effect on how you feel. A makeover can be as simple as getting a flattering hairstyle and clothes. Let your hairstylist know that it's your birthday; tell her that you really want to look good by getting a hairstyle that will improve your everyday look. If you're already at a department store, arrange a visit with a make-up artist -- an extra step in your makeover process that will make you feel pampered.

A Night Out

Going out on your birthday will give you the opportunity to be around other people without shouldering the cost of having them there. Small local bars or night venues are often overlooked on the weekends and have small intimate crowds during the weekdays. These are the perfect places to go when you want to celebrate your birthday with willing people. You can tell the bartender or manager that it's your birthday. Usually, they'll be eager to play special birthday request music for you and encourage other patrons to join the celebration.

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