Landscaping Ideas Using Slate

Updated July 05, 2018

Slate is a durable stone that is soft to the touch. Originally, it was used solely for buildings, but it has been discovered that slate stone is a great medium for landscaping, as well. Slate is used to create beautiful outdoor walkways, walls, borders, patios, benches, waterfalls, stairs and driveways.

Slate Walkway

Welcome visitors with a slate walkway that leads up to your door. Walkways can guide observers in your garden. A slate walkway can be used on slopes where it would otherwise be difficult to walk. Since slate is strong and long-lasting, you will not have to worry about replacing it for years to come.

Slate Wall

Slate wall landscaping helps divide lower areas, such as patios, driveways and yards. If there is a hill where your yard stops and the sidewalk begins, a slate wall can help separate the two. A patio that is lower than your yard can be surrounded by a slate wall. If your yard slopes down into your driveway, separate the two with a slate wall. This can provide visual appeal while serving a purpose.

Slate Border

Slate borders are much like slate wall landscaping. The purpose is to separate one part of the landscape from another. A slate border can separate a yard from a flower bed, or can be used around a tree. A border also can be used as a walkway and serve two purposes at the same time.

Slate Patio

Patios used to be mostly made of a simple slab of concrete. However, with slate, a patio can be created with different designs and colours in mind. Think about what you will use your patio for and how it should be designed to meet your needs. A little planning will help. If it will just be used for your family, you can go with a small slate patio, but if you host parties at your home, a larger patio will be necessary. There are many options for slate patios. Seek the help of a landscaping company to build a patio that will fit your needs.

Slate Bench

Slate benches are stylish and durable. Slate slabs are stacked up to the desired height to create a bench in your landscape to add seating in your garden or yard.

Slate Waterfall

Add a waterfall to your landscape with slate slabs. The landscapers will pile slabs of slate in a design that will allow the water to flow through and over the pieces, creating a waterfall.

Slate Stairs

Stairs no longer have to be made of wood that will not last very long. Slate stairs are sturdy and create a desired look for the landscape. Use slate stairs to lead up to a doorway, to guide down into a patio or to lead into your yard. Slate stairs can be used to create a warm, rustic look.

Slate Driveway

Slate is used to make a driveway more appealing. Different colours of slate can be put together to create a stylish design for your driveway, small or large.

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